Perched Owl Pillow

There's a saying in the crafting world of 'Christmas in July,' meaning we have to start shopping and planning our gifts six months early if we're actually going them done on time. Well, I should have done that with this gift for my sister, because I started it on December 22 and didn't finish it until May 30, more than five months overdue.

Sure, I knew ahead of time that this project would be ambitious and that it wouldn't be finished on time, considering that I was starting out with only parts of three days to work on it. With semester finals encroaching on prime holiday preparation time, I was ready to give out IOUs in order to maintain my standard of homemade gifts. But five months?! I guess this should be the feedback I need to tell me I should lay off on the embroidery projects for awhile. (But I just started a new one...)

This owl pillow was a gift for my sister. Owls are a very trendy animal right now in teen fashion, and are consequently Ruth's favorite animal. With an owl clock, owl purse, owl necklaces, and owls adorning goodness-knows-what-else, I figured another owl decoration in her room couldn't hurt.

I traced the embroidery pattern from a children's coloring book picture, found on Pinterest here. The embroidery took me about three months, off and on, about 25 hours in all. I brought the project to school with me, and it was an excellent project to work on during those long evening meetings--I actually felt like I was getting something done! Once I got home, I bought the 12" form pillow, selected the fabric (with Ruth's approval, of course), and whipped out the pillow in a short, quick hour. And when it greeted her atop her papasan chair, her immediate squeal signified the work was well worthwhile. :)

So, Merry Christmas, Ruth, even if it is 80F and sunny today! And happy graduation, while we're at it--high school, here you come!

Happy summer to you all! I'll be back after I return from a bout in the sunshine.

Happy Crafting!!


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