Splotchy Quilted Headband

When the magical phenomena of winter break, sewing supply surplus, crafty friends, and an upcoming birthday plop themselves into my bedroom at the same time, well, clearly an adventure is about to begin. I'm calling today's adventure Splotchy

We started without any exciting ideas in mind, but I've been itching to quilt for months now. I can knit all I want during the semester (and I did...coming soon eventually), but I don't have space for a sewing machine in my dorm room, so I must satisfy the sewing fix at home. I've been planning to start another bed-sized quilt for almost a year now, but time always seems to slip by before I've begun. So, inspired by the Seminole patchwork quilting, my goal was to start and complete a quilting-related project for Kowli's birthday the next day. Spoiler alert: the endeavor was a success!

Splotchy was conceived by picking a theme fabric and then choosing additional fabrics based on the theme fabric's colors. I am attracted to batiks as theme fabrics because 1) they're nearly universally beautiful, and 2) their abundant colors are helpful for choosing fabrics that work well together. Gowri chose a wannabee-batik speckled print with navy, sky blue, sea foam green, magenta, grey, and black, and soon we had a selection of additional fabrics to make what was by now decided to become a quilted headband. 

Two of the additional fabrics, the green and the darker blue, are multicolored batiks that resemble paint blobs and dabs, prompting me to name the headband Splotchy. The headband is intentionally artsy for a supremely artsy (wait for it) art major, so all is right in the world. At least, as far as I'm concerned this moment... 

Fabric color is most authentic in this image.
You may notice that the headband is a repetition of two strip sets--now rows of fabrics--alternated to get the theme fabric to zig-zag. Though the squares aren't anywhere near uniform, they are designed to be 0.75" square.

Since the endeavor was completely spontaneous with next-to-no planning, the whole how-to-keep-the-headband-around-the-head part was proving to be problematic. But thanks to Gowri's suggestion, a little ribbon was the secret ingredient. 

Happy Birthday, Gowri!

Happy Crafting!!


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