Lakeside Blizzard Scarf

I lied. I just happen to have one more scarf to show for this season. Actually, I made it a couple of summers ago on a camping trip at Summit lake.

Knitting during camping trips has been a tradition of mine for a long time. Knitting is my tried-and-true, number-one way to pass the time on the road, during a relaxing day at a river or lake, and in the tent on those early mornings when you are still waiting for the rest of the family to wake up. 

Earlier on this lovely summer day at Lassen Volcanic National Park, a smoldering fire in the park exploded into a serious forest fire. While I gave my mother and sister a beginner lesson on cabling, we all watched the fire kick off. The fire bloomed and expanded over the next few days from an ignorable glow in the distance...

Aaand, I'm knitting this scarf as we speak... an undeniable column of smoke and fire taking up a significant portion of the sky just a few hours later.

We saw helicopters circling around a nearby lake to pick up water and try to douse the fire constantly.

Helicopter is transporting suspended bucket of water
The fire was so large and close that we woke up one morning with ash everywhere. Soon after we woke up that morning, a ranger came by to tell us we had to evacuate because the fire was getting closer. So we packed our bags and drove home. As we left the park, we could see the fire from a distance and saw that it was scarily close to our campground. 

The day we got home, we left again and enjoyed a great weekend in Big Sur so as to not cut our vacationing short. By then, this scarf had been long completed. Other than a couple of phone cases that I had knit on the ride up to Lassen, this was my first piece with cables. I doubled up one skein of Homespun yarn and used gigantic (i.e. size 11 or 13) needles to make the piece, which made the knitting go quickly. The yarn, while mostly white, has noticeable blues and purples interspersed, which is why I decided to add a purple fringe. And that was that. 

Happy Birthday, Kowli! (from two years ago...)

I hope everyone has a great Spring Break. I'm currently exploring a couple new national parks--the best kind of fun. And of course, I brought plenty of knitting with me.

EDIT: I'm not in Zion and Bryce like I had planned because I've been home sick with a hacking cough and incessant allergies for the last two weeks. But I was going to be. Too bad I spent the entire week knitting instead. ;)

Until next Thursday,

Happy Crafting!!


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