Me Made May 2020 wrap up

Hi peeps. We're almost in July and here I am wrapping up Me-Made-May which feels like three lifetimes ago. I took about a month off from thinking about sewing or sewing anything other than masks after the outpouring of outrage over the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many others since and before. As a white woman who lives in a city that has violently pushed out the Ohlone people through the Franciscan California Missions, Mexican rancheros once California transitioned from Mexican to American occupation, and African-Americans through residential redlining, I have benefited from all sorts of racist American institutions. I learned a lot about how these systems continue to work their insidious magic as an environmental sociology major in college and in my own reading since. While engaging in this work has shaped my values and worldview, it has not driven me to march in the streets for racial justice.
Until now. I have always felt uncomfortable at marches. Something ab…

Five Lark Tees

I have always not been great at blogging makes promptly after making them, but I'm reaching new lows. Having discovered sewing Instagram, it seems more efficient to share stuff there. During me-made challenges, I end up wearing and, by association, "sharing" my new makes long before I blog them, making blog posts even more anticlimactic. But there is a reason why I started a blog, and I think longer-form musings last longer and are helpful in retrospect. 
So here we go. In February and May 2020, I had two weekends where I whipped out a total of five Lark Tees, by Grainline Studio. I've featured them all in this post, as they are not complex or distinct enough to devote separate blog posts to them. Let's dive in!

I bought this pattern during Black Friday sales of 2019. While not the first indie sewing pattern I've sewn, it is the first one I've purchased. I was patiently waiting to buy the pattern on sale. I didn't have any experience sewing knits, and I…

Me Made May 2020, Days 12-26

Hey all! Coming back for another photo batch of Me-Made-May 2020. Have a look at how half the month has gone by scrolling through the pictures below. If you'd like to see how Days 1-11 went, click to read that blog post.
As a reminder, my pledge for Me Made May 2020 is to wear at least one item of clothing I have sewn or knitted each day, and all me-made outfits 3 days a week. This is notably more ambitious than my 2019 pledge, and that is because I have sewn a lot more clothes in the past year.
Ok, pics, please! I've linked the blog post about that item when applicable. I've got a lot of projects I still need to feature on this ol' blog...
May 12 Earrings Navy striped Lark Tee by Grainline Studio Redfield Cardigan (unblogged) Darned Jeans
May 13 New Look 6511 "Polka Peplum Top" Aidez Cardigan
May 14 - aka "Bike to Wherever Day" Graduation Dress - Simplicity 1651
May 15 Ruffle Sleeve Top by In The Folds via Peppermint Magazine
May 16/17 - all me-mades! Navy Cap-Sle…

Me-Made-May 2020, Days 1-11

Hey hey, it's Me-Made-May! For the second year, I am excited to be participating again. This year, my pledge is to: Wear at least one me-made garment every day for the month of May, and toWear all me-made outfits three days a week (except undergarments, socks, and shoes).Mended ready to wear (RTW) garments count for half-credit (aka, don't for 100% me-mades).This pledge is different from last year because I have substantially more me-made garments. Have a look at my me-made wardrobe:
From left: 8 skirts, 10 tops, 1 dress, 1 pair of pants, 7 knitted sweaters, 2 pairs darned jeans, menagerie of knitted accessories, altered ready-to-wear garments, knitted scarves. 1 pair of shorts were still in progress when this photo was taken :)
Anyway, here is what my me-made outfits have been on Days 1-11. If the garment is blogged, I've linked it below.
May 1 Aidez Cardigan Harvest Top by Pattern Runway (unblogged)  Mended RTW pants (similar)
May 2 - All me-mades! Lark Tee by Grainline Studio Ne…

Carnival Hat [pattern re-release]

I am popping in today to re-release one of my hat patterns that I wrote for Olann And Fibre Magazine in 2018Last year, I realized that their website, along with their magazine issues and patterns, shut down. I still never heard why--I know the publication was a "labour of love," as one of the editors would say, and I figure they finally burned out or got too busy. I have tried unsuccessfully to contact the editors of the magazine for more information about their closure and to request permission to re-publish the patterns I originally released through them. I never heard back. I always intended for these knitting patterns to be downloadable for free, forever. Thus, I am re-releasing my Carnival Hat pattern, after receiving a request from a very excited knitter for the pattern to be available again. Last November, I re-released my Subalpine Prance Hat pattern and several people have since made and posted it on Ravelry, so I'm glad I made it available again. 

This hat'…