Cables & Lace Infinity Scarf
Signe's Hat
Willa's Hat

Elizabeth's Hat

Ysabel's Hat
Nina's Hat

Sarah's Hat

Cozy Snowflake Hat

 Amanda's Hat -- featured in Spring 2018 issue of Olann and 

Carnival Hat -- featured in Summer 2018 issue of Olann and


  1. hello! just starting your cable and lace scarf and have a snafoo. you said to cast on multiple of 11 plus 7. can you check that? I think you mean multiple of 11 plus 2. THanks

    1. Hi! It's supposed to be 11 sts + 7 so that only the lace is on the edges and not the cables. Does that clear things up enough for you to proceed? Let me know if you have any questions.