January 29, 2017

Women's March Pussy Hat

Last Saturday was the Women's March in Washington, D.C., as well as hundreds of accompanying sister marches marches around the nation and world. I attended the march in Walla Walla, WA. Though a small town of 31,000 in a conservative area, 2,500 people came to march, which is the largest protest in Walla Walla's history

One of the most exciting parts of this  event was the associated "craftivism" by the Pussyhat Project to hand knit pink pussy hats to wear in solidarity. (Later, patterns to crochet and sew hats also came out.) I would never miss out on such a knitterly opportunity, and I happened to have a skein of pink yarn leftover from my Semester in the West hat project. So the night before, I knitted one up real quick. 

During the march, I was blown away by the number of pink hats in the crowd. Different yarns, gauges, and types of fabric abounded, nearly as diverse as the people who participated. It was awesome.

I knitted the hat in the round instead of following the official pattern. I used DROPS Karisma Superwash in Dark Pink 13 with size 4 needles for the brim, size 6 for the body. It felt weird to not shape the hat at the top, but the little ears are very cute. I grafted the top together, which was slow but it worked! Also, one skein/50 g is not quiiiite enough yarn for a full hat, but that was all I had, so it's just a little short. 

This post is all about the selfies and phone-typed post. I'm computer-less for the moment but I'll have lots of posts to share once that status changes in a little bit! 

In the time being, stay warm, dry, and keep up the craftivism. The world needs it. 

Happy Crafting!!