December 16, 2016

Griffin's Hat | SITW Hat Series

This post is part of the Semester in the West Hat Series. Catch up on the latest hats and free patterns below.
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My semester in the West has ended, but the hats keep coming! I managed to finish 11 hats during the semester (which I am still typing up, hence sharing only hat #7 right now), and I have a few more IOU's still to make. 

My seventh hat of the trip is for Griffin! Griffin, also known as Griffdawg, Gryffindor, Trackstar, and a plethora of other nicknames, was my fellow trash queen and was also on my cook crew, Goodner and the Vegetarians. We didn't know each other at all at the beginning of this program, and now we have a solid collection of inside jokes. #friendship 😊

And now, about the hat-- Griffin decided to opt for the more abundant design options on Ravelry instead of the 16-page booklet of color pattern ideas I brought. He chose The Easy Ombre Slouch Hat by Paul S Neary, which I modified a bit to add a pompom and adjust the fitting (see mods below for specifics). I used Drops Lima in Petrol 701 and Drops Karisma in Light Grey 44, needles were US 2 and US 6.

I knitted the hat as we drove from Castle Valley, Utah to Kane Ranch, Arizona, near Kaibab National Forest. This marked the part of the trip where we were mostly in deserts, with accompanying warm temperatures that lowered my enthusiasm for working with wool and knitting hats, thus slowing down my pace. 

Pictures are from northern New Mexico's Carson National Forest. 

  • With US 2 and main color (petrol), CO 120 sts and work *K2, P2* ribbing for 1.5 inches (3.5 cm).
  • Switch to US 6 and decrease down to 100 sts (*K4, k2tog* across) for St st and following color pattern.
  • Work decreases once piece measures 7-7.5 inches (17.5-19 cm):
    • Row 1: *K4, k2tog* across row = 80 sts.
    • Row 2 and all even rows: K across, no change in st count.
    • Row 3: *K3, k2tog* across row = 64 sts.
    • Row 5: *K2, k2tog* across row = 48 sts.
    • Row 7: *K1, k2tog* across row = 32 sts.
    • Row 9: K2tog across row = 16 sts.
    • Row 11: K2tog across row = 8 sts.
  • After weaving in yarn ends, work pompom: With a strand of both yarns at the same time, wrap around outstretched fingers until a sizable amount of yarn is wrapped, then break off yarn. Cut a piece of yarn and tie a tight double knot around the middle of the yarn bundle. With scissors, cut the loops on either end, fluff up into a circular pompom, and trim to size. Then attach pompom to hat via the strand tied around the middle of pompom. Consult this YouTube video for more assistance. 
You can view my project on Ravelry here.

More Semester in the West hats, holiday projects, and others to come!

Good luck with finals to everyone still in misery school, season's greetings, stay warm, and good luck to all still scrambling on their holiday gift projects (I have yet to start mine...eep)!

Happy Crafting!!