June 30, 2016

Aidez Thermal Headband & Gridiron Hat

For not completely rational reasons, I'm committed to posting an update every month. Well, here we are: last day of the month (and the fiscal year too) and no finished project to share. I'm so close to finishing some things, but alas, I'm not yet there. I also avoid posting updates of half-finished projects because it looks bad when I don't post the finished project until it's done three years later despite my best intentions to finish it the next week. 

Luckily enough, I don't share every project I finish on this blog because I have standards, people. So here are a couple of photos of projects from the last couple of years that didn't make the cut until I got a little more desperate, aka 10 pm on the last day of the month.

Lassen Volcanic National Park, August 2014
First up, Aidez Thermal Headband, knitted during the summer of 2014. I designed and made this headband during the same time I was working on my second annual summer sweater, Aidez Cardigan. The principal stitch pattern on the headband was directly copied and pasted from a dominant stitch pattern from the sweater. The yarns are twofold: ancient unlabeled fuzzy seafoam green, and ancient unlabeled acrylic seafoam green from Grandma's legacy stash. This piece is on the wider side as far as headbands go, so truth to be told, I've never worn it (although it did come with me to college!) Maybe it would look better around my hair instead of through it when it's this wide?

Whitman College, December 2015
The second project I have to share is Gridiron Sequoia Bark, one of three beanies I made in a one-week time span last October of the same hat pattern. (I made the Gridiron Thermal Headband after knitting the three hats.) Two were variations of brown, like this one, and one was a red and silver and black multicolored skein of Lion Brand yarn. It's cheap stuff, but I really like how the stitch pattern works for a hat made out of bulky yarn. I managed to photograph only this hat, which I gifted to my pre-major adviser last December as she embarked on a sabbatical and I subsequently declared a major and acquired different formal advisers. I gave the other brown Gridiron hat to a close friend for her birthday, and the red one was going to be for the sorority "little" that never came to be, so maybe I'll keep it. Note to future self vainly reading own blog posts: edit this post with photo supplements of the other hats. 

That's all for now! Hopefully my best intentions will be realized and I'll be able to share a more impressive project or two before the end of July comes around. 

Happy summer to all! Read, run, camp, work, and spend time with friends and family, but most importantly, keep up that crafting.

Happy Crafting!!

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