May 31, 2016

Princess Bride Socks

Sometimes it is fun to knit something overly complicated for the sake of being ridiculous and frivolous. To me, nothing screams luxury item more than an intricately cabled pair of socks. They will seldom be exposed enough for anyone else to notice (and compliment) them, and I personally don't think hand-knit socks are notably warmer, better fitting, or superior than the machine-knit socks I can buy at Costco. But there are so many fantastically complex patterns of socks on Ravelry! I had to try at least one of these designs after I had my first pair of socks under my belt.

These Princess Bride socks are named such because the pattern is from a knit-a-long of years past called "Buttercup's Heroes." Each different cable pattern represents the personality and role of the four major male characters in the movie/book The Princess Bride: Fezzik, Inigo Montoya, Vizzini, and Wesley. I was originally attracted to the pattern because the cables are variegated and more advanced than anything I've ever done--it wasn't until after I opened up the free pattern that I realized why these cables were so interesting. The extra meaning was, well, extra, but it was fun to explain that quirkiness to my peers while I was working on the socks.

The yarn is Patons Kroy Socks FX in Cadet (#57110). When I bought the yarn--almost a year before I knitted my first pair of socks--I assumed two skeins would do the trick. Well, the leg portion is higher than almost every pair of socks I own, and that chewed up just slightly more than two skeins. So I had to buy a third skein with a noticeably different dye lot. Fortunately, the yarn is multicolored enough that I don't even think I could figure out where. I used US 2 double-pointed needles.

I knitted the first sock during my spring break backpacking trip, where I was the back seat warmer as we drove from Walla Walla to southern Utah and during the plentiful pockets of extra time backpacking through the beautiful canyons. This was the view when I finished the first sock.

I worked on the second sock gradually over the next two months during knitting club and when I wanted to procrastinate on the things I should have been doing.

I noticed while I was working on the left sock that I had misread the instructions for the heel flap as knit 1, slip 1 instead of just knitting all. So I decided to follow the instructions the second time and now I can tell the socks apart! It's actually kind of convenient because my feet are about a centimeter different in length, so I could personalize them exactly

Consequently, these socks actually fit me, which is always great. I definitely had a better idea of what was going on this time around.

This project is listed on my Ravelry account here.

Happy summer and happy crafting!!

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