March 25, 2016

A Hela Sweater for Mom - 3rd Annual Summer Sweater

After much delay, I am happy to share the finish of my 3rd Annual Summer Sweater- A Hela for Mom. Now, I realize it is presently March and that in no way suggests this was made last summer, but I have photographic evidence! I did the bulk of the knitting while camping in Yosemite (pictured below) and as an inhabitant of the back seat of a car my friends were driving to Whitman from California for the fall semester. In fact, I finished all the knitting in the summer to be on track to gift this sweater to my mother for Christmas. And now that I'm back home for Spring Break, I can finally download the photos I took of her in the sweater in January. So it can be a long process to finally share the make... ;)

May I also note that Mom took these pics just thinking it was another random knitting project and not something for her... "Oh, how sweet. She's knitting in the back country again!"

Back to the sweater-- after immensely enjoying my own Hela sweater I made last winter, remembering how quick a knit it was for a sweater, and thinking that it could be a good addition to my mother's wardrobe and that I could stand to knit another one again, Hela number two became my summer project.

As you might expect, my progress was slower than I was expecting. I did not manage to make this sweater in the same six days that I had managed for the first one! However, it did get done with plenty of time to spare. 

I did my best to customize the sweater to my mother's actual dimensions. I made the body a good three inches longer and made the sleeves shorter. I actually managed to measure my mother's arm to know precisely how long to make the sleeves--she didn't suspect it was for her because I also measured my sister and father's arms at the same time to be deceptive! ;)

Thankfully, on Christmas morning, the sneaky stuff I had done while I made this in the summer had eclipsed her long-term memory. Otherwise phrased, she was equally surprised and thrilled! So it was a successful summer sweater endeavor indeed.

In case you missed the summer sweater memo, you can check out the first and second summer sweaters here (1) and here (2)

Some stats about the sweater for the knitterly readership:
> Yarn: Lion Brand Lion's Pride Woolspun (80% Acrylic/20% Wool) in Navy Heather, Aquamarine, & Linen 
> Needles: US 7 and US 10
> Modifications: shorter sleeves, longer body, used finer-toothed zipper than last time, longer neck than last time

And now, I'm starting to think about what to do for my 4th Annual Summer Sweater to continue the tradition. I currently have a sweater I need to frog and redo but I might want to keep that on a longer hiatus. Maybe I should design my own sweater for this year?! Only time will tell.

Happy Spring and Happy Crafting!!

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