February 16, 2016

Cozy Cabled Cowl

It's been awhile since I've knitted myself a scarf. The last time was the "Earthy scarf," which was four years ago and just when I was beginning to tackle projects with more advanced techniques. That scarf is also way too long and the number of times I've worn it is...low. It didn't even make it to college.

So I needed some new knitted gear to keep my neck cozy and warm when the weather required it. I found this Forest Park Cowl pattern on Ravelry and thought it could be a great quick project for myself. 

The yarn I used is Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted in Color 235 Miami Aqua, an acrylic-wool blend. I originally bought this yarn to make my first sweater, but when problems arose with the original pattern I chose, the color got cut and I just stuck to the teal. Since then, I've been trying to find a good project for this above-average quality yarn I had lying around. I found it difficult to decide what to make from a yarn in such a bright color, even if turquoise is one of my favorites. Now I need to figure out another one-skein project to use up the rest of the yarn-- a hat maybe?

I knitted most of this in the backseat of a suburban to and from Mt. Hood, Oregon to go skiing. Since it was dark during the majority of the drive, I knitted much of this cowl by feel and by holding it up to be lit by the headlights of the car behind us. I also temporarily lost the cable needle and ended up fashioning a hair elastic into a makeshift cable needle, but I certainly would not recommend it! It only worked as an emergency and did not make knitting in the dark any easier.

The cowl took exactly a week to finish, or more precisely, about ten hours. The final product is very cozy and I've already worn it several times in the last two weeks of it being done.

Thanks to Ruth for taking these photos! Stay warm and cozy as we wait for spring to be upon us. 

Happy Crafting!!

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