January 31, 2016


Up to this point, my knitting resume includes hundreds of hats, half a dozen sweaters, at least a dozen scarves, and a smattering of headbands, baby blankets, and thingamajigs. Seems pretty comprehensive, but there's been glaring hole that hasn't been filled until now: no socks! Every knitter delves into the world of making their own socks! Granted, it wasn't something that totally appealed to me since hand-knit socks aren't obviously superior to factory-made ones in terms of functionality (in my humble opinion). Also, it's a lot of fine knitting with tiny needles, which means it's slow. I don't like slow projects.

Anyway, last year I purchased some sock yarn from Jo-Ann figuring I would knit a pair of socks at some point in my life. Combined with that yarn purchase (Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Serenity--a Merino wool/bamboo blend--in the lavender topaz colorway) and the fact that I was held up in the Sea-Tac airport trying to fly home after the semester for five hours, I cast on my first sock and finished it two days later. It sounds fast but it was a slow couple of days where I spent many hours knitting! The second sock was finished on New Year's Day, 2016. 

The pattern I used was more like a sock "recipe," Socks by the Numbers by Allison Griffith. I liked the way the pattern was written and would like to make more socks this way, just in a smaller size instead!

You might be able to tell that the right sock is a little longer, wider, and in general, bigger, than the left sock. Any guesses for which sock I made first?! Both socks are a touch too big, which is good feedback for next time. They are both knit with the exact number of stitches and rows and proportions. It's probably a good number of stitches if I were to do a cable pattern along the body of the socks, but with this stockinette stitch pair they are big enough to be "over-socks" for situations where I need 2 or 3 pairs of socks to keep my toes cozy. 

I think I have enough of this yarn leftover to make another pair of socks without a long leg portion. Plus I still have more sock yarn. When I need another compact project, Socks #2 may soon be in the works.

Happy Winter! Stay warm, stay in school, and keep at those knitting and crafting projects!


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