July 23, 2015

Honu Napkins

I'd like to introduce you to a new beloved friend that has moved to my craft studio, err bedroom. Meet Doonie, Grandma's serger that I inherited last year and now finally know how to use! 

I finally learned how to use this beauty during a three-day serger class at Eddie's Quilting Bee with sewing expert Sue Green-Baker. Sue's the real deal. I even found one of Grandma's old books on serging that featured Sue as a main consulted expert! Although much of the motivation of offering the class was to get customers to upgrade from their $2500 Evolution (what I have) to the $4500 Ovation, I made it quite clear that I was there only to learn how to use my special toy, not to break the bank. And since I was the only person at the class under the age of 40 and not financially established, I felt liberated to refuse all of the salesman's schemings. I exited the class with my tab at only $2.50, so I consider that a success for my minimally-consumerist strivings.  

The class was fantastic, by the way.

So now that I know how to do everything from jeans hems to cording to gathers, what do I race home to make? Rolled-hem napkins, of course, the simplest serger project in existence.

Between the serger class and these napkins, however, was a month-long adventure out of town featuring FIFA Women's World Cup soccer games in Montreal and Vancouver, whale watching in Tadoussac, hippie living in the Sunshine Coast, and an emergency trip to Hawaii for my grandmother's funeral, packing up her apartment, and saying good-bye to Hawaii. 

All unfortunate happenings aside, you can be sure that I brought a craft project with me on this trip, and this time it was embroidery (to be shared upon its completion!) I made more progress than I was anticipating, however, and I needed just a wee bit of white muslin to continue my project and make good use of my idle time. So off I go to one of my favorite places in the sewing world, the Hawaiian fabric store, home of the world's largest batik fabric collections. Even though I have terrific self-restraint with the greatest of temptations--I am focused on the fact that I am trying to shrink the great collection Grandma's fabric waiting for me at home, not add to it--my mother is all too tempted to tap into her friendly free source of napkin-making labor: me. After four one-yard cuts of different honu (sea turtle) fabrics from Kaimuki Dry Goods and a few hours with my friend Doonie the serger, voilà, sixteen new dinner napkins for the family. Needless to say, we all love them!

Only 12 napkins pictured. The other four were already dirty!
This summer has been very productive in the craft realm. Much more soon!

Happy Crafting!!