May 7, 2015

Twin Halifax Beanies

Knitting hats can be a thirty-five minute task, three hour project, or a an endeavor large enough that you don't even want to think about how long it took. And when they fall into the third category, it's always better when you make two of them. Duh.

Let me go back. I saw this DROPS pattern on Ravelry some time ago and added it to my to-do list, after Aidez, Hela, and the Greenfield Cardigan, too. The Halifax hat was beautiful, sure to enhance my fair isle color knitting skills, and encompassed the potential to be a hat that I would actually wear. (Gotta love navy on auburn hair.) So after loving the yarn that went into my Wine Cozy, I took a large gulp and decided to cast on this bad boy. And sure enough, it was done about a month, six hours of yarn untangles, and three states later--yarn purchased and untangled in California, the bulk of the knitting done in Washington, the finishing touches done in Oregon.

Let's get down to the knitty-gritty. The yarn is Loops and Threads Woolike in Navy and Charcoal, and I doubled both of them up to get the yarn to the proper thickness. The knitting is with circular needles size US 2 and  US 4. I used less than half of one ball of both colors per hat. I made both hats in size medium. I also got to the point with the fair isle in that I could have the blue in my right hand and gray in my left and knit accordingly, without having to switch yarns every few stitches. This is a major time-saver. :)

After I finished the first one, I learned Varinia will be going off on her mission for the next year and a half, which warrants a bon voyage/I'll-miss-you-so-much gift. So I cast on the hat one more time, only days after finishing the first one. In order to get it done in time and in conjunction with a very busy semester, I assigned myself the task of completing three rows a day, which worked out better than I would have expected--I finished it with almost a month to spare! (If only I could get these kinds of results with all my other assignments...) 

I gave Varinia her hat just last weekend on a marvelous group camping trip. A perfect opportunity to be #twinning when it's genuinely cold outside--not super common in your average Walla Walla May.

Photo credit to Mary Tabb.
As the semester is already winding down, I'm excited for new adventures this summer and next year.  Also, best of luck to Varinia on her mission--there is no doubt your contributions will be monumental.

Three cheers to all of you finishing up your final papers, projects, and study sessions for finals. We're almost there! And then it's just work, travel, craft, repeat. 

Happy Crafting!!