April 2, 2015

Beatity Beanie

When you knit and have a younger sister, you will inevitably receive some requests for knitwear. Over the years, I have knitted her several hats, scarves, a thermal headband, cell phone case, and goodness knows what else, and she still asks for more! It may have something to do with my promises to her, the need to give make her something for every birthday and holiday season, or my sheer generosity. Whatever it is, she's getting the better end of the deal. But really, I'm not complaining; I like making her stuff :)

Several months ago, she issued a request for a red hat that had some slouch to it, which is a hat characteristic that I've never tried. I had creative freedom as towards its design, and thus I came up with this Beatity Beanie thanks to my ever-useful stitch dictionary. I also got to try out my brand new circular knitting needles set, which just increases the fun. The knitting went very quickly; if I remember correctly, the hat was done in under a week!

Since starting college, I've learned how special care packages are, especially when they come without warning. My sister sent me some snickerdoodles last semester and I decided to return the favor. She texted me immediately after she received it with thanks and a positive review--phew. Mom's call three days later that she hadn't taken the darn thing off since she got was the real confirmation of approval. I hope the pictures show the same joy!

This hat is the perfect blend of fashionable yet subtle, and snuggly warm the whole time. It's a quick knit with no major holdups--the cable segment just keeps things interesting! Definitely a fun addition to a spring, winter, and fall wardrobe.

Beatity Beanie Pattern
Adapted from Big Book of Knitting "Claw Cable"

Difficulty: Intermediate
Yarn: Approx. 170 yds Paton's Classic Wool Worsted, color 230 "Bright Red"
Gauge: 18 stitches and 26 rows = 4 in (10 cm) in stockinette stich)
Finished Size: 11 in (28 cm) long, fits adult head with extra room for slouch
Needles: US 6 (4 mm) & US 7 (4.5 mm), circular or double-pointed needles
Other Materials Needed: cable needle, 1 stitch marker, yarn needle, ruler

With US 6, cast on 90 sts. Place stitch marker to indicate beginning/end of row.

Work *K3, P3* repeat * to * until piece measures 3 in (7.5 cm).

Switch to US 7 and work following stitch pattern:

Rows 1, 2, & 4: P2, K9, P2, K77 (rest of row)
Row 3: P2, sl 3 sts to cn and hold in back, K1, K 3 sts from cn, K1, sl 1 st to cn and hold in front, K3, K 1 st from cn, P2, K77

Repeat stitch pattern until piece measures 9 in (23 cm). 

Then work decreases:

Row 1: follow cable pattern, *K9, K 2 tog* repeat * to * = 83 sts.
Row 2: follow cable pattern, *K8, K 2 tog* repeat * to * = 76 sts.
Row 3: follow cable pattern, *K7, K 2 tog* repeat * to * = 69 sts.
Row 4: follow cable pattern, *K6, K 2 tog* repeat * to * = 62 sts.
Row 5: follow cable pattern, *K5, K 2 tog* repeat * to * = 55 sts.
Row 6: follow cable pattern, *K4, K 2 tog* repeat * to * = 48 sts.
Row 7: follow cable pattern, *K3, K 2 tog* repeat * to * = 41 sts.
Row 8: follow cable pattern, *K2, K 2 tog* repeat * to * = 34 sts.
Row 9: follow cable pattern, *K1, K 2 tog* repeat * to * = 27 sts.

Row 10: follow cable pattern, *K 2 tog* repeat * to * = 20 sts.
Row 11: *K 2 tog* repeat * to * = 10 sts.

Cut yarn, leaving a tail at least 8 inches long. Thread a yarn needle and pull through remaining stitches. Then weave yarn ends and enjoy!

You can find this pattern on Ravelry here.

You can view this on a free PDF here.

Happy Spring! Spend some time adventuring outside--it's beautiful out here!

Happy Crafting!!