February 5, 2015

'Greenfield' Cardigan

The versatility of a single pattern can be amazing. Without going too far into knitting geek mode, just take a look at the two images below. Both sweaters are crafted from the same pattern.

http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/113-17-jacket-with-raglan-sleeve-and-pattern-on-yoke-in-silke-alpaca FREE

The sweater to the left is the sample made by the designer DROPS. When I browsed through various DROPS sweater patterns, this pattern slipped passed my attention, probably because of the drab color and unappealing choice of three-quarter sleeves. 

In contrast, I came across the image to the right during a Pinterest search and the sweater instantly struck me. When I tracked it to the same sweater that I had passed up a few days earlier, I was genuinely surprised. I see this as confirmation that the yarn selection process for each project is immensely important, for the yarn can make all the difference in a sweater.

Enough of this knitting nerd stuff, now. The day after I finished my choral maxi skirt, I ventured back to the store with all intentions of making a sheer skirt to layer on top of the black skirt for more casual occasions. The limited chiffon and novelty fabric selection, however, was disappointing and suppressed my creativity, so that project was out. 

I was in need of a project, though, so I ventured over to the yarn department out of habit. I found this Lion Brand Wool-Ease Solid offered in forest green heather. This wool/acrylic blend was in a beautiful green palette and just had to use it for my next project. Jo-Ann yarns are generally 100% acrylic, so finding a higher-grade Lion Brand product was a bit of a surprise.

I had bookmarked this pattern on Ravelry months before, so I knew immediately what project the yarn was for. (I make sure that every yarn purchase is for a specific project; I am determined not to hoard yarn to create a dorm room yarn stash.) I began the sweater the day I bought the yarn and made steady progress while taking pains to get all my schoolwork done first. With this limiting pace, the knitting took about a month.

Then I let the sweater alone for another month or so before blocking and buying buttons. I had expected to find buttons in Grandma's substantial button collection, but alas, seven matching brown buttons were not to be found. So off the store I went again.

All in all, the sweater fits pretty well for me. This is my first true cardigan, so making buttonholes was new for me. The color is actually much greener--like a green field--so I am naming this the 'Greenfield' cardigan. With this kind of name, the sweater clearly it belongs to me. :) It was a lot of fun and very easy to make, though, so I'm not opposed to making another one sometime soon! 

You can find this project entry on my Ravelry page here.

Happy Crafting!!

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