January 29, 2015

Choral Maxi Skirt

To prepare for my first choir concert of the semester, we each had to secure our choir dress: black top-to-bottom for girls, and tuxes for guys. This is the only time in life when girls have more flexibility in the fashion department; I am thankful I did not have to invest $100 in a second-hand tuxedo. 

Yet as simple as the requirements were, I did not have any long black "bottoms" other than jeans or worn-out yoga pants with holes. So what's a girl to do? As my closet and the Internet had nothing to show for themselves, it was clearly time to hit Jo-Ann Fabrics. 

I bought (too many) materials for a maxi-skirt for less than $20. (What I bought: 2 yds polyester jersey, elastic, black thread. What I used: 1.5 yds jersey, black thread.) 

As I didn't bring my sewing machine, I decided to do the sewing by hand (with an applique needle!) This may sound like a lot of extra work, but after making my prom dress with similar fabric and having to hand-baste every seam anyway, it is possible that doing it by hand even saved time. 

The entire process took about four podcasts of This American Life out of my four-day fall break. It was a terrific way to recharge. I referred to this tutorial for inspiration and direction. 

All in all, the skirt turned out great. It's my first maxi skirt ever and also worked great for the choir concert. I'd call that a job well done. 

Happy Crafting!!

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