October 15, 2014

On Spirals and Adulthood

On one glorious day in childhood, I received the Spiral Draw KLUTZ book in exchange for testing one of KLUTZ's ideas for a future book. While these books have become hit-and-miss as they scrounge for additional crafts to feature, this book remains one of my favorite KLUTZ books of all time. (The other books competing for the superlative are Braids & Bows (1995), Friendship Bracelets, The Encyclopedias of Immaturity, and Embroidery.)

These spiral kits allow for the creation of literally millions of different spiral designs and are the #1 best way to doodle your time away. 

I've made several cards, some wrapping paper, and several pages of math notes from these spirals. A highlight of my spiral-making career is a birthday card I made last year.

Today is my 18th birthday. Today seems like an appropriate day to share my affinity for spirals, as the last few months have a been a continual spiral of awesome and, well, less awesome, as I have adjusted to the college lifestyle. The last year has also been a crazy spiral of stress in the form of preparing for the new transition that thankfully is finally calming down. 

This is also an appropriate birthday post in that the fact that I am now an adult in no way lowers my appreciation for KLUTZ kits and spirals. Call me crazy, but I guarantee that I will love doing this at age 60 as much as I do now and did when I was 8. 

So thus I welcome my new-found adulthood as simply a change in status allowing me to sign my own waivers, go to jail, and pay taxes. The crafts--and spirals of life--are here to stay. 

Happy Crafting!!