September 14, 2014

Aidez Cardigan

I may be in college and busier than ever but that does not mean this blog is done nor that I will ever stop crafting! In other words: the second annual summer sweater is complete!

I actually finished it about a month ago but was putting off the post because I wanted to get some good photos. But that hasn't happened yet, so I just want to share it already!

I had been eyeing this Aidez sweater pattern on Ravelry for months before I finally started it in late June. I could see from the 3500 other people who made this sweater that it was not nearly as challenging as it might look, so I knew it would be manageable. For this second sweater I wanted to make a cardigan and try a harder pattern than my first one, so Aidez was perfect! For yarn, I chose Berroco Comfort Chunky in purple. It's a nylon-acrylic blend, which was totally intentional to prevent my possible wool allergies. I don't want to spend fifty hours making a sweater and then not wear it because of itchy yarn.

All in all, the sweater fits well and is quite cozy and superbly warm. The one downside: it fits my mother better. (Good thing we're 700+ miles apart!) I am also a little bummed that the design didn't permit for buttons or a zipper; if I were more comfortable with the pattern, I would have altered it, but I didn't understand it well enough to manipulate it effectively. It took about one month to complete, including two backseat car trips to and from Los Angeles, plenty of World Cup couch multitasking, and also a drive to Lassen Volcanic National Park, where I of course continued my national park knitting tradition.


My college move to the bitterly cold state of Washington (it's 82F today, but psh details) will definitely make this warm sweater come in handy. It may be more traditional to purchase the warm layers I need, but I think the handmade garments keep me warm effectively anyways. :)

Looking into the future, posts will be few and far between as my spare time for both crafting and blogging has been drastically reduced by the phenomenon known as college. But, slowly and surely, I am still working on new projects, and there are still the Walla Walla yarn shops that need exploring--and new project inspiration.

Happy Crafting!!

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