July 7, 2014

Exploring the Wilderness Quilt

One accidental result of having a ton of new sewing supplies on hand is... deciding to use them. I was reading through one of my new books containing quilt block pattern ideas  specifically, Nancy Johnson-Srebro's Block Magic, Too! (2003)  and noticed that one of the block ideas was a moose. 

"Mikey Moose"
Now, if you've ever heard my father share any family camping stories, the moose story would surely pop up in the first act. While we were camping in Grand Tetons National Park, my father's sole desire was to see a moose. He went on solitary hikes, stayed up past sunset, and did anything else within his power to find one, to no avail. So you can imagine the surprise when he learned from a camper passing by that a moose had been licking our tent while we were sleeping! 

Dad never did find a moose on that trip, but since then, the moose has been added to his list of all-time favorite animals. When I saw the moose pattern, I simultaneously scanned the contents for other similar patterns and started hunting for appropriate fabrics for the endeavor. 

Most were Grandma's, but some are mine.

Soon enough, I decided on three other blocks to turn into a quilted wall hanging. Our family has had several unforgettable encounters with bears, and my mother is known for her tree-hugging tendencies, so those two blocks were no-brainers. And then I chose to finish it up with flowers, given that adding a honu wouldn't make much sense and wildflowers can only add to a wilderness scene. 

While I wasn't expecting my progress through the project to be so speedy, it turned out to be a very popular gift to my parents for their 21st anniversary.

I also have to credit my sister for being super helpful at the ironing board and helping me choose fabrics. Thanks gurl!

"Fancy Petunias"

"Barney the Bear"

"Twin Pines"
I hope you all had a lovely 4th. I'll check back soon.

Happy Crafting!!

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