June 30, 2014

Living Grandma's Legacy

My crafting days began as most preschoolers' do: finger painting, pasta necklaces, you name it. But my identity as a crafter has nothing to do with my pasta necklace-making abilities. I didn't become the Craft Lizard I am today without the help of my grandmother.

With Grandma, I learned the basics of sewing, quilting, appliqué, and embroidery. I made my first skirt proudly when I was in third grade, and she helped me make other projects during family visits. My one-on-one sewing lessons were cherished as a great means to bond and learn unique skills.

When I was in fifth grade, my parents bought me a sewing machine, which came with a year of free sewing lessons at my local quilting store. Gradually, I picked up more sewing skills. But Grandma was the one who sparked my interest and really got me started.

My grandmother passed away a few days ago. She was one of those perfect grandmothers who was committed to professional grandmotherhood full-time: the best cookies, lots of one-on-one attention, and treasured homemade outfits and gifts. She was a mother to seven sons, grandmother to 26, and a friend, baker, and conversationalist to many more. Of course she will be missed.


And she will be remembered... in my bedroom. I'm not mentioning her on a crafting blog just to write a eulogy. She was a very talented homemaker and had all the equipment to prove it. I am now the only member in my family that has any interest in reaching her level of crafty prowess. A year ago, my grandmother packed me a giant "care package" of notions that I thought was wonderfully generous. Now I have way more and there still is an unfathomable amount of stuff still at her house to go through.

I'm not one of those fashionistas inclined to write about my latest "hauls," but this is a special circumstance that warrants an exception. I mean, just look at all this loot!


(click to enlarge)

L: (c) 1998           C: (c) 1995         R: (c) 1995

           (c) 2008                                       (c) 2002                                  (c) 2003

L: (c) 2005   C: (c) 2002   R: (c) 2001


          (c) 1995                                        (c) 1996                                                 (c) 1998

                (c) 1994                                                (c) 1996                                    (c) 1998

                    (c) 2001                                           (c) 1995                                       (c) 1999

(c) 1990                                     (c) 1996


My whites and muslins

Holiday Fabrics


Warm Fabrics





Top: metallic, rainbow, and otherwise special threads. Bottom: turquoise, blue, and purple regular threads.
Swooning for all my new vanity yarns.
Batting & Notions

Warm & Natural, Batting, etc.

Cutting mat, fabric scissors, & rotary cutter!!

I'll be busy for the next three lifetimes making projects with this stuff!

I have often teased that my young passion for the fiber arts has turned me into a premature Grandma figure. And the joke is completely sound -- while I have a few friends my own age who craft, the number of older moms and grandmothers I have met to exchange ideas makes me one weird teenager. But now more than usual, I'll assume that title with a little more pride. Some of my cousins are still quite little -- the youngest is only 18 months. Perhaps I can help provide some of the crafty love and support for them that I cherished so much.

Stay tuned for much more traditional Craft Lizard action to come! My extended absence is over and I'm here to stay for the summer! :)

Happy Crafting!!