May 29, 2014

Circular Radiating Blossom Baby Blanket

I love making baby blankets. They give the satisfaction of making any blanket, yet they require only half the time and a quarter of the patience. You may have noticed that there have been more new baby blankets than babies in my family over the last couple of years. But I guess I'm stocking up for the future...

I wanted to make a circular baby blanket just to add the new technique to my skill set. I made a hemlock doily earlier as my first circular project, but I made that with insignificant yarn simply to test the waters. I picked this free pattern from Ravelry and made a smaller version that measures 32" diameter. The pattern is much easier than it looks (which was a bit of a disappointment, actually). Although you do have to count stitches the entire time, the pattern is quite intuitive and the knitting went by quite quickly.

This was knit with US 8 and US 7. Although it was intended to be fully knit with 8's,  my needles broke midway through and I finished it up with 7's. I knit with two yarns together --Bernat Baby Coordinates Solids in soft blue and Bernat Baby Sport Solid in white -- to get the soft powder blue color perfectly snuggle-icious for any baby. Hopefully it will be put to good use someday. :)

Happy Crafting!!

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  1. I love this pattern .. In many cultures this represents.. the circle of life