May 14, 2014

Child's Heart Hat | Hat Week

Welcome to day three of Hat Week! Tune in every day this week for a new hat and other hat-tastic thrills.

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So recently I've been trying to come up with projects that solely involve yarn I already own. As I was brainstorming project ideas to work on over a long bus ride down to Disneyland, I came across some fuzzy yarn that I've had for ages but totally forgot about. I had balls in two tones of pink that I thought would be suitable for a child's hat with some simple color work, and I made up a pattern for the hat and heart color pattern, and off I went.

It took only a few stitches for me to remember how much I hate this type of yarn. It's fuzzy, but it can't breathe at all, which is even more unfortunate when I'm knitting it as we're bussing down one of the many freeways of Los Angeles. But I was eager to finish the hat so I could use up the yarn and never look at it again.

And, since I'm still new to colorwork, I didn't manage to keep the back strands loose enough, so the hat is unwearable. At least it still looks good on Pooh!

I'm including this hat this week as a reminder that not all ideas work out on the first attempt. I think the pattern still has potential, but not with this yarn. Regardless, I'll let the pattern and yarn sleep a while until I come up with a better idea on how to use them to their utmost potential.

Tomorrow will feature a successful hat attempt, I promise! 

Keep crafting, and keep messing up. This way you'll know you're still pushing yourself. :)

Happy Crafting!!

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