May 12, 2014

Burnt Sunset Cabled Beanie | Hat Week

Welcome to Hat Week!  Check back every day this week for a new hat and a few other surprises.

I know warm hats haven't been on your minds since February, but I am constantly daydreaming about them. Hats are great for trying new techniques and depleting yarn stashes, both of which are huge benefits for a knitter. I've been trying to think of projects to use up my enormous yarn stash, and hats are certainly my go-to idea. Hats are also fun to make because they are generally small and quick projects, and as we all know, the quicker a project can be done, the more likely it will ever be done.

I designed and made today's cabled beanie during Spring Break, when I was sick and wholly unproductive the entire week. I made up the pattern and promptly forgot it as soon as I finished it. It was quickly knit in a single day, but is currently going unworn and unclaimed. If anyone would like it, just let me know--the yarn is super soft and comfy!

Burnt Sunset Cabled Beanie, April 2014.  Dimensions: 15" diameter, 8" height

Check back tomorrow for a new hat!

Happy Crafting!!

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