March 20, 2014

Winding River Infinity Scarf

Another Olympics has now come and gone, which means that I spent more hours watching TV in the month of February then I will for the entire rest of the year. It also means I had more time to knit, because it is too easy to knit and watch TV at the same time to just do one of them separately. 

So I knit another infinity scarf for another friend's birthday. I spent quite a bit of time trying to decide on a pattern. I didn't want one that was so difficult that I couldn't watch TV at the same time, but I wanted to keep it interesting enough to look at so I wouldn't be embarrassed of its simplicity. I used another Loops and Threads Charisma yarn, this time in Aurora Borealis, and got pattern inspiration from my Knitting Stitch Patterns treasury. 

After making three scarves now with this yarn, I have learned that trying to block this 100% acrylic yarn is not worth the effort. I now accept the stockinette rolling up as an expected part of the final product.

This is likely the last infinity scarf of the season, as spring has sprung and scarfs will be in low demand until late fall. 

Winding River Infinity Scarf Pattern
Yarn: 200 m (2 skeins) Loops and Threads' Charisma in Aurora Borealis
Needles: 10.5 (6.5 mm)

Cast on 23 sts. (Pattern can be done in any multiple of 7 sts plus 2.)
Rows 1, 3, 5: K2, * yo, k1, yo, k 2 tog back, k 2 tog, k2, * repeat * to *.
Row 2 and all even rows: P all.
Rows 7, 9, 11: K2, * k 2 tog back, k 2 tog, yo, k1, yo, p2, * repeat * to *. 

Repeat rows 1-12 seventeen times or until desired length. Then bind off, sew ends together, and weave in ends.

k - knit
p - purl
yo - yarn over
k 2 tog back - knit two stitches together in the back loops
k 2 tog - knit two stitches together (in the front loops)

Enjoy the last bit of cooler weather, and happy spring!

Until next Thursday, 
Happy Crafting!!

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  1. That scarf is so pretty! Once I go off the deep end and stop doing homework (ha!) I'm definitely going to try to pick up knitting again.