February 23, 2014

Tangelo Corn Tortillas

In elementary school, I would look forward to the fresh tortillas we made every year on Cinco de Mayo. They were fresh, delicious, and always a great treat. I haven't made tortillas from scratch since.

That is, I didn't make any tortillas until today, when I had a sudden desire to try to make them from scratch. I looked briefly at a recipe from Joy of Cooking, realized how easy it was, and made a mad dash to Piazza's to buy some masa harina corn flour.

If you are to look at the ingredients of a standard bag of corn tortillas (Mission brand, for example), lime is often one of the flavoring ingredients. I decided to put my own spin on it by adding some fresh tangelo juice for a hint of sweet goodness in the tortillas. (Tangelos are a cross between tangerines and oranges.)

The first step is to make the dough, which can be done in about two minutes. Then roll the dough into tortilla-sized balls.

The next step is to press the dough between pieces of wax paper with a tortilla press or rolling pin. 

Then cook the tortillas in a frying pan with some olive oil and tangelo juice, and then you're done!

Tangelo Corn Tortillas
Adapted from Joy of Cooking
Makes 12 six-inch tortillas
Preparation time: ~20 minutes

2 cups masa harina corn flour
1-1.5 cups warm water (100F)
1 tsp salt
Juice from one tangelo
Extra virgin olive oil for cooking

Cooking Equipment
Tortilla press or rolling pin
Wax paper or empty cereal bags of a similar material
Medium frying pan

1. To make the dough, mix flour, water, and salt. Make sure the dough is not too sticky or too crumbly (dry). Split dough into twelve pieces and roll them into balls.

2. Take one ball and place it between two pieces of wax paper. Push down on the ball with your hands slightly before completely flattening with a tortilla press or rolling pin.

3. Heat up a medium frying pan with some olive oil under medium-low heat. Cook tortilla evenly on each side, sprinkling tangelo juice on each side. 

4. Enjoy with beans, cheese, and other taco toppings, salsa, or as is. You can refrigerate any extra tortillas in an air-sealed bag for up to one week.

I guess Sunday has become the "extras/food" blog day lately. Tune in on Thursday for a more crafty adventure!

Happy Crafting,

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