February 6, 2014

Cabled Cell Phone Case

Long car and bus trips into oblivion can be the ultimate agent of inspiration...at least when it comes to designing cell phone cases. Something about the addiction nearly all of us have to our rectangular electronic devices--from outdated MP3's to new iPhone 5c's--becomes especially apparent during bumpy, understimulating road trips. And, given that most of these devices are fragile specimens that need protection from the elements of real life, especially in places like "oblivion," a cell phone case is a perfect quick back-seat project.

Amidst my recent efforts to improve my skills in cabling, I designed a phone case last week based off of a trending sweater cable. I combined two scrap yarns I had lying around: an acrylic purple from Patons, and an ancient blue multicolored mohair I recently retrieved from my grandmother's yarn stash. I didn't have a pattern to refer to (because I was on a bus) so I tried to configure it myself. I'm not the best at designing my own work from scratch, though, especially when it involves cabling. I ended up ripping out my progress and starting over at least four times (by this time, I'd lost count), so perhaps a pattern might have been a good idea. But at least I figured it out eventually. :)
Diamond Cabled Phone Case, designed and knit in January 2014. Sized to contain an iPhone 5c. Front (left) and back (right).

I've also knit a few other phone cases on my way to Lassen Volcanic National Park a couple summers back. Let me see if I haven't thrown them away yet.

...After some searching around, I can conclude that they're gone to Narnia.

Thanks for reading! Come back every Thursday night in February for a new crafting adventure! :) 

Happy Crafting!!

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