October 30, 2013

Haunted Hospital Costumes

In honor of Halloween, I'd like to flash back to the first day of the school year in August, where the medicinally-inclined senior class showed off their talents as doctors and nurses. My friend Kowli and I used my mother's hazardous waste suits, acrylic and finger paints, paint brushes, everyday makeup supplies, and Kowli's decade-plus artistic knowledge to craft our exceptional outfits. Because the more blood on the lab coat, the better, right? ;)

You can check out some of Kowli's awesome crafty work here.
Happy Halloween, and as always, Happy Crafting!

October 26, 2013

Handmade Stamped Cards

I have never been the type to go to a store and buy a card to write a Thank-You note. Instead, I would always grab a piece of white "computer paper," fold it in half, design my own cover with plenty of Crayola markers, and write the classic note inside. 

While this is a fairly normal practice in elementary school, I have yet to stop even now in high school. But now I like to make these cards with stamps, which makes them look a little more professionally done.

I have always been into collecting rubber stamps, but I never knew what I could make with them. The only practical application I knew of them was to stamp homework, but that wasn't really something I could do as a high school student. So I started making hand-stamped cards.

Because I don't have very many stamp pads, I generally still use felt-tipped markers to stamp. Although it takes longer to do each stamp, it enables me to use more than one color on each stamp, which is nice.

Stamped Notes

Time: approx. 5 min/card + 5 min to set up and clean up

Materials Needed:
  • Paper, any size
  • Several rubber stamps (medium to large-sized stamps are best)
  • Stamp pads or felt-tipped markers (Crayola ones work great!)
  1. Fold paper in half to desired size. 
  2. With stamps absent of ink, create your design by arranging stamps over paper. This step may be skipped if design has been pre-arranged.
  3. Fill stamps with ink, either with a stamp pad or by coloring desired regions with markers. Apply stamps to paper.
  4. To clean up, rinse off all stamps with warm water and rub off any extra ink with a paper towel.
I have found that if you are making these cards in "bulk" (i.e. doing 12-15 sets of each design card), it is faster to do one stamp at a time: ink and apply one stamp for all fifteen cards, and then move on to the next stamp.

 I hope you enjoy this easy, inexpensive, and crafty way to make cards!

Happy Crafting!