August 22, 2013

TOMS Shoe Decorating

Last fall, I went with some Girl Scout friends to an event at the Kappa Delta sorority at San Jose State. In a large group, we discussed the philanthropic philosophy of the TOMS company. They donate a pair of shoes to children in need in developing countries for every pair of TOMS shoes that are purchased by consumers of the developing world. (This is also the case for their sunglasses line.) Later, we had several crafty supplies out to personalize our own pair of white TOMS: spray paints, Sharpies, glitter, beads, faux jewels, etc. After the first session, a few of us stayed to help the later shift of younger girls decorate their shoes. 

While I was happy with my own decoration of the shoes, I unfortunately did not order the right shoe size. TOMS are supposed to stretch with wear, but mine did not stretch enough quickly enough, giving me permanent scars on my heels after the few times I tried to wear them. It's a shame that I couldn't enjoy wearing these after I decorated them, but I suppose they adorn my closet's dust bunnies beautifully. Not every craft effort ends entirely successful, in fact, most don't even come close to how they were conceived. But sometimes, that's the beauty of the crafting trade.
TOMS shoes, decorated Fall 2012.

Happy Crafting!

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