April 25, 2013

Mosaic Pendants

On February 18th of this year, some Girl Scout friends and I went to the Stained Glass Garden in Berkeley to learn how to make micro-mosaic pendants and to make a few of our own. We had a good time and we each made two. The necklace pendants I made are shown below.
The square pendant's frame is of copper. Made on Feb 18, 2013.

This ovular pendant's frame is of stainless steel (if I remember correctly). Made on Feb 18, 2013.
The procedure was actually incredibly simple. First, we cut an adhesive tape/glue to the shape of the back of the frame. When the piece was later torched, the adhesive melts and thus keeps everything it is touching completely secure. Then, our imaginations went to work and either manufactured a design (see bottom), a color scheme or theme (see top), or, in the case that one's brain was not actually alive that day, randomly shoved stuff into the frame. Glass beads, cross sections cut from circular glass fusion sticks, beads, gritz, letter beads, and other findings were provided for us to use. (If I had known the procedure was this easy, I would have brought some of my own beads.)

After the design was created, the piece was torched for a couple of minutes and then placed in a mini UV oven for about fifteen minutes to set. Afterwards, a clear spread was poured on top of the piece to give it a smooth surface, instead of a rough one with all the bits of glass sticking out in each way. Then the piece was set in the UV oven again for another fifteen minutes. After that, the pendants were completely done and could be worn immediately.

Thanks to my excellent skills at keeping things balanced on my lap, I lost (and later found) these pendants into the deep black hole of my car on the ride home. And the fact that I haven't lost them yet I consider quite an achievement. 

Stay tuned for more postings; I intend to post something new at least once every month, and I have many more crafting adventures to share!

Happy Crafting,