February 6, 2013

How-To: Baby Loom Hats

Sooo, now that I have exposed you all to a great and easy new hobby and community service possibility, I am sure you are perfectly enthused, but there's that one aspect that makes actually making these hats slightly challenging--you don't know how!

Okay, so that was cheesy; I know. Sorry; kind of.

For my communications class last year, I did my How-To Speech tutorial on how to make these baby hats. I made a PowerPoint presentation and made a hat just for the occasion, videotaping the necessary steps. Although I can't just attach the PowerPoint onto Blogger, I am screenshotting the slides into photos for you to enjoy and knit hats to your hearts content. Enjoy!

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve this tutorial.
Happy Crafting!

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