September 26, 2012

The "I Can Knit!" Phase and Other "I Can Do These!" Moments

Remember when you just learned to read and would just read things because you could? You'd be so proud that you could read that you'd read Go Dog, Go, The Cat in the Hat, and Mat on the Rug just because you could. Who really cares whether "you like my hat?" What you cared about was the fact that you could finally do something you thought was cool.

I'll have to admit that I was never enthusiastic during my "I Can Read" phase. Reading was torture until midway through second grade, and after that all I would read was 5th grade level and up biographies and historical fiction. But that's another story, and not a very interesting one, anyway. 

Just like you might have recently gone through the "I Can Drive" phase (unless you're like me and haven't finished driver's ed yet), the "I Can Do This" model can be implemented with almost anything! 

Although I didn't have an "I Can Read" phase, I did have an "I Can Write in Cursive" phase. During a few weeks of third grade I would practice my cursive letters pages at a time at my own will. I started to develop an interest in calligraphy then, and it hasn't gone away yet. (No, I am not a professional. Yes, you should probably be able to read my handwriting.) This was also why I started a journal then (after rereading it a few years ago, I have started to wonder where my priorities in life are), because I figured that if I loved the act of writing so much, maybe I should actually make myself productive whilst doing it. 

Now don't look at me strangely when I say that I hand-write everything before I type it. Note: I started a draft for this post, but I lost it so this is an exception. Whoops. :P

At around the same time the "I Can Write in Cursive" phase ended (there was some overlap), a new phase began that lasted the greater part of two years: the "I Can Knit!" phase. 

Starting in December 2004, I was very happy knitting for the sake of knitting. There wasn't anything I wanted to make in particular, I just wanted to knit. This of course was mainly because I thrived on the attention I got when I knitted in public. Knitting was an uncommon sight to see. I liked being an uncommon sight to see. I loved the attention as a person doing an uncommon sight. 

"Ooooh, it's so cool you're knitting," someone would say. Of course the next thing they'd ask would be "What are you making?"

The reply every time was "I don't know yet," to which they'd roll their eyes as they looked condescendingly to this little child who was so proud she could knit and isn't she cute and well she'll grow up someday and shoot, I have to go. You're welcome. 

So, as my "Whachamacallit & Thingymajiggers" box became fuller and fuller during those years, I considered my time productive. Over the years, I've thrown away some of the unmemorable stuff that takes up too much space in my closet and too little in my brain. What currently remains that was deemed worthy on "Photo/Going-Through-all-the-Junk-in-that-Box Day" can be found below. 
Notice the green cursive letter L in the middle. Also, the three different yarns used are the first three balls of yarn I ever bought (see previous post). This project took a few months, with size 7 needles, and a rate of production similar to that of my progress in SAT prep. 

This thingymajigger was crocheted. During class. In 5th grade. I had a brief "I Can Crochet" phase, but my crocheting abilities haven't improved since than and I am still a beginner that only knows chain stitch and first crochet (or is it second crochet?). If you're not impressed, don't worry. I'm not either.

Happy beginner knitting with Red Heart yarn!

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